league bowling

watertown bowl 18


Sunday:    2-4 Sunday Couples 4-Person Couples( 2nd and 4th Sundays)  5PM

Sunday:    Early Sunday Niters  4 Person Teams  (1st, 3rd, 5th Sundays)   5PM


Monday:  Traveling Classic     3-Person Team       4:30PM

Monday:  City                          5 – Man Team          6:30PM

Monday:  Moonliters                4 – Woman Team    6:30PM


Wednesday:  3-Man Sleeper    3 – Person Team     Noon

Wednesday:  Ladie’s Friendly   3 – Person Team     6:30PM

Wednesday:  Community          4 – Man Team         9PM


Thursday:  Wayne’s Auto        4 – Man Team           6:30PM


Friday Preps     2-YouthTeam (ages 11-under)           3:45PM

Friday Juniors   3-Youth Team(ages 12 – up)              3:45PM

Friday:  Ladie’s Riverview    4 – Woman Team     6:30PM

Friday:  Servicemen’s      5 – Person Team     9PM


Saturday:  Saturday Preps      2-Youth Team (ages 11-under)          9AM

Saturday:  Generation Gap     1-Adult/1-Youth Team                         4PM

Saturday:  Swingers 1             4-Person Couples ( Every other week)   6:30PM

Saturday:  Swingers 2             4-Person Couples (Every other week)    6:30PM

watertown bowl - north


Sunday:  Mixed Nuts    4-Person Teams (Every other Sunday)   3:30PM

Sunday:  North Bowl Uncoupled 4-Person Teams              6:30PM


Monday:  Traveling Classic       3-Person Teams               4:30PM

Monday:  766 League               5-Person Teams               6:30


Tuesday:  Tuesday Seniors       4-Person Teams (age 50 –  up)    1PM

Tuesday:   Trouble on Hwy 26   4-Person Teams              7PM


Wednesday:  High School Bowling Club  High School aged bowlers    3PM

Wednesday:  Kegler Kings         5-Person Teams              6:30PM


Thursday:  Senior Fun              4-Person Teams (age 50 – up   1PM

Thursday:  Thursday 4-some    4-Person Teams               6:30PM



Friday:    Friday Fun Couples    4 – Person Couples         6:30PM


Saturday:  Saturday Juniors      3-Person Youth (ages 12-up)   9AM

Saturday:  Zoo Crew                 4-Person Couples             6:30PM

Short Term Leagues Now Forming

Generation Gap
Adult / Youth League
at Watertown Bowl “18”

12 Weeks /Saturdays at 4:00PM
Starts:  November 30th
Off:  December28th and January 18th
Ends: February 23rd

Team consist of one adult and one youth

Cost:  $20 per couple per week (includes shoe rental)

Adult Fun League
Every Wednesday or Thursday

Running:  Nov. 6th/7th thru Feb. 19th/20th
Off:  Dec. 25th/26th & Jan. 1st/2nd
Time: 7PM – 8:30PM’sh
Location: Watertown Bowl “18”
Team:  2 people (2 guys, 2 gals or a guy & a gal)

Cost:  $12 per week per bowler (shoe rental included)

This league will be handicapped, making it fair for both “veteran” and “new” bowlers.

Limited space – sign up today!

League Request form