Tuesday Night Scratch Sweeper Series
at Watertown 18

September 19, 2023 – April 9, 2024

Check-in at 6:00pm
Practice starts at 6:15 pm

Details Here!

Leagues are Now forming

Are you interested in joining a league?  If so, we hopefully have a league for you.

Most leagues are looking for either a full team, a couple, or for individual bowlers.  Please contact us at the control counter for more information about our leagues and let us know what type you may be interested in joining.

Available Leagues

Wednesdays at “18” at 6:30PM

Fridays at “18” at 6:30PM

Thursdays at “18” at 6:45PM

Mondays at North at 6:30PM

Tuesdays at North at 7PM

Wednesdays at “18” at Noon

Wednesdays at North at 6:30PM

Thursdays at North at 6:30PM

Friday at “18” at 9PM

Friday at North at 6:30PM

Sundays at North at 3:30PM

Sundays at North at 6:30PM

Sundays at “18” at 5PM (Every other week)

Sundays at “18” at 5PM (Every other week)

Tuesdays at North at 1PM

Thursdays at North at 1PM